ACTS BuildingOur Mission Statement

"To provide programs and services, to assist persons with disabilities to attain their individual physical, social, emotional and vocational goals."

Adult Client Training Service, Inc. (ACTS) is a private non-profit service located in Olivia, MN. ACTS began in 1967 as a day activity center servicing individuals ages 8-40 years old. We are now a day training and habilitation (DT&H) facility serving developmentally disabled adults and people with related conditions. We are licensed by the State of MN Department of Human Services. DHS consolidated rules deal with day habilitation and the training of persons who are developmentally disabled or have a related condition. These rules, although advocating individualized plans for each individual, delineate a specific system and process for providing services to our individuals. We provide the facility and staff necessary to implement the goals as outlined in the individuals' CSSP.

Each consumer has an Coordinated Service and Support Plan. This CSSP is provided by the individual's case manager. The CSSP is developed on an individualized basis to meet each individual's needs for training and employment. In addition, as each individual is a vulnerable adult, he/she has a Risk Management Plan. The RMP is derived from information and knowledge of ACTS staff who work with the individuals and are aware of the areas in which the individual is vulnerable. This plan is also submitted to the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) and is approved by the IDT team at the individual's annual review. The CSSP and the RMP form the basis of the individual consumer's program goals while he or she is receiving training and employment at ACTS.

The primary emphasis of the program goals at ACTS is on paid work. In addition, self help skills appropriate to the work setting are also emphasized and worked on throughout the day at ACTS. To facilitate and promote the individual's need for meaningful and productive employment, ACTS contracts with individuals and businesses in the community to provide supported employment for those individuals who can function in this type of employment. It is the goal of ACTS that as many of these individuals as possible, with training in vocational skills, may eventually be able to work in the community in competitive employment.

To prepare our individuals for work, and to train them to become more independent and less dependent on others in filling the individual's basic needs and wants,program goals are implemented. These goals are based on the individual's CSSP prepared by the consumer's case manager. Based on the CSSP, an Individual Program Plan states the annual goals, behavioral objectives, materials needed, methods used in training and the steps to be implemented to run each goal proposed in the areas spelled out by the case manager as an area of need and additional training. All goals, except those goals which are begun and completed in a short period of time, are submitted to the IDT for approval, revision, or discontinuation. Each program goal is reviewed bi-yearly by the IDT at the annual Review and at the Semi-Annual Review. ACTS' Program Coordinator is responsible for the individual's program goal recommendations to the IDT as to whether a goal should be continued, revised or discontinued. The IDT makes the final determination as to whether the goal is continued, revised or discontinued.

In addition to the Annual and Semi-Annual Reviews, the Individual Program goals may be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Program Coordinator. Based on the individual's progress or lack of progress, the goals are continued, revised, or--if achieved--the goal may be continued on maintenance to further increase the consumer's skill level in an area, or discontinued by the Program Coordinator.