LAP Room

Client helped to exercizeACTS has a Leisure Activity Program (LAP) for those individuals who are at or near retirement age or because of health or other limitations are better served by working less than a full work day at ACTS. The emphasis of this program is on learning, leisure and recreational type activities. The individual, regardless of age, who has a need for additional rest, or whose needs are best served by being in this program, are encouraged to participate. When such a need has been determined by the case manager and the IDT, the individual is admitted to this program.

Client exercizingLeisure Activity Program: ACTS LAP room is a unique feature of our program. One of our goals at ACTS is to allow time for each individual to have access to our LAP room. Priority is given to individuals who have a feature of the Leisure Activity Program written in their CSSP (Coordinated Service and Support Plan). The individual's LAP time is carefully planned to help meet their CSSP goals. The LAP room is a place for our individuals to develop mentally and physically. It is also a place for a individual to rest if needed.  

ACTS Activity Director keeps individuals busy in the LAP room with activities and programs including:
  • Range of motion program
  • Craft projects
  • Art projects
  • Cooking skills
  • Baking skills
  • Gardening skills
  • Puzzle working
  • Various card and board games


Client on cycleACTS LAP room is well equipped with:
  • Exercise bicycles
  • An electronic tread mill
  • Electronic lift recliners
  • Comfortable lounge chairs
  • Glider-rockers
  • Four computers equipped with various educational software and Internet access
  • A digital camera
  • A television with cable and DVD
  • Various exercise equipment including bar bells, leg weights and sensory equipment
  • A cat.ACTS Cat
Studies have shown that having domestic animals as pets lowers a
person’s blood pressure and increases the quality of a person’s life!